About Me

My entire life I have had a strange knack for spotting trends and items that other walk blindly by.  As a lover of world travel and a self proclaimed “Tech Geek” I often find myself in the right places and times to discover interesting things.  I work in the Medical Field doing development with a passion for food, travel, tech, the arts and making jewelry.  I fund exciting projects with potential on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.   This “talent” is a benefit and a curse as I am constantly asked, “Where did you find that?”, “Where did you get that?”, “Can you help me find X?”  So for that reason I have decided to create a site where I can share my finds with you!

Finds might range from a new type of speaker, a quirky ring to something as esoteric as Probiotics I found designed for protection traveling to exotic locales!  This site is intended for me to share finds with you.  That said if you have a question, need an opinion or an evaluation I will try my best to support you.  I value your thoughts and feedback and look forward to making new connections.

Thank you,