4 years ago

Explore.org App and Website

There are days where I have to admit I like animals more than people!  You know you have thought it too but probably weren’t willing to admit it.    What is a Live Cam you ask?  A live cam can be a camera set up by an individual an organization or company to allow viewing of action as it happens.  There are puppies, pandas and even polar bears to view!

This particular site and App has afforded me the life altering ability to watch Great Dane puppies being born recently.  Over the summer I watched live as  Black Bears fished Salmon out of a stream in Alaska.  My latest obsession has been watching the live feed from a cam in Churchill Manitoba nightly to see if there is an Aurora Borealis!  This has been the closest I have come to seeing one in person!

The site and the App are both free.  I highly encourage you to search the live feeds at any given time as there is something to bring joy to anyone!

Where to find it:


or Explore.org in the App Store

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