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diamond da40 ng tbo

SERVICE BULLETIN LIST . Rev. Like the SR20, the Diamond DA40 XLS comes with either a 2 blade or 3 blade prop. Doc. The NG has a much better climb rate above 7-8000 feet, and is … Aug 8, 2018 - Pulling the power lever back to economy cruise setting produced a miserly 5.1 gph fuel burn at 126 ktas. Where the DA40 XLS has a leg up on the 2008 SR20 G3 Avidyne is in the avionics. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli explains the engine's details and gives the airplane a wring out in snowy London, Ontario. Base price for the DA40 NG is around $430,000, versus $390,000 for the DA40 XLT when last Diamond offered it, while the well-equipped airplane I flew was slightly under $500,000. In 2014, Diamond brought the DA40 NG to market. MSB40NG-002/15. If you have any feedback or want to add anything to this document to share with others, please contact Pekka Aakko (pekka ät aakko dot fi). N 2 16 DG Aircraft SIN: 4 0 • 6 9 8 This supplement must be attached to the Pilot's Operating Handbook and FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual for Diamond Aircraft Model DA 40 when the. Go with the 3 blade as the takeoff and climb performance is much better. The DA40 NG is definitely quieter and smoother; the Austro engine provides a much less fatiguing experience. Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc. Model DA40 Aircraft Reg. Downl. Description . Airplane Is modified by the installation of AmSafe Austro Engine AE 300 turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 liter diesel engine with 168 hp and EECU single lever control system: 180 hp Lycoming IO360M1A AVGAS Piston Engine. But if I flew around Victoria I'd pick it over the Lycoming DA40 mostly because it's turbocharged. 15. The engine has an 1800-hour TBO and a $30,000 typical overhaul cost. Software for E4-A (AE300) Engine, approved versions. Max endurance of the DA40 NG stretches to more than seven hours, an incredible figure, considering the fuel tanks hold only 41 gallons, 39 of them usable. DA40 NG. No. 2020-06-29 Max takeoff weight of the NG is higher than the XLT, at 2,888 pounds versus 2,646 pounds, for a useful load of a respectable 950 pounds. Diamond 2017 - DA40 NG Single Engine Piston Model: DIAMOND DA40 STAR Year: 2017 Serial Numbers: N/A Trend: Engine Takeoff Power: Austro 2.0 168hp • AE 300 TC Average Overhaul $ Installed: 30,000 Engine TBO Hours: 1800 Max Seats: 4 Appraisal Points: Equipped w/G1000, GTX335R $ 9,995 q Garmin GDL 69A SAT WX (subscription required) N.A. Diamond's diesel-powered DA40 NG is proving a popular choice for flight schools. No. Equipped with the 168-HP Austro AE300 diesel engine, the current Aircraft Bluebook shows a 2015 model retailing for $435,000. Avionics q WX 500 Stormscope 7 lb / 3 kg $ 9,150 q Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology N.A. Date . DA40 XLT. MT propeller MTV-6-R-/190-69 3-blade constant speed propeller: Hartzell 2 blade metal constant speed propeller. Propeller. Newbie’s Guide to DA40 NG Malmin ilmailukerho ry General remarks This document was created to tackle some of the common issues and quirks of the aircraft, especially to the newbie pilots of Diamond DA40NG. DA40 NG Standard Equipment List Price $459,800 USD. Systems wise, the Star has all the required new-age glitz. Engine.

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